About Us || Who Are We?

About Us

We are an indigenous registered Nigerian company with the vision to bridge the insurmountable need of energy which has caused serious setback to our economy.

Our team consist of engineers, architects, & scientists with foreign partners - Able Engery Sdn Bhd, Selangor D.E Malaysia, with International Energy Commission (IEC) certification as Institute of Sustainable Power (ISP) who have a balanced combination of academic background and energy field as well as industrial experience. Our strength lies in our competence in tackling challenging problems and flexibility borne out of variety of skills and experience.



Safe-Energy Resources Ltd has teamed up with partners both locally and internationally to come up with innovative products that can serve the energy needs of a wide variety of our customers. This evidenced by our long range of products.

Capacity Building

We have invested heavily on human capacity development in recent times. Earlier last year, some of the company’s key personnel were sent to Malaysia to attend ISP organized training to obtain certification and proficiency on design and implementation of Off-grid and On-Grid solar systems.


Our Management team is one of the best. With an array of highly qualified staff with over 10 years of experience in Solar Systems and Engineering. We also work with our international partners to ensure that we live up to the highest standards in terms of quality.