What We Do


Street Lighting

The safe energy street light system eliminates totally the payment of power bills for its consumption. It capitalizes on the fact that it sustains itself efficiently and is not dependent on any other source of power other than itself. The solar street light system consists of two types, namely: The Solar Street Collector Plant Terminal and the Independent Solar Terminal (IST).


Rural Electrification

Nigeria as we know is blessed with abundant solar energy. This energy we believe can be harnessed to help drive our energy needs for our economy. Statistics has shown that we have about 8 hours peak sun shine per day which guarantees quality solar energy to power our rural areas depending on the capacity of our solar arrays. We have therefore proposed Rural Electrification through Solar Photovoltaic Modules which are energy efficient and environmental friendly with each solar PV having a minimum lifespan of 25 – 30yrs.


Sustainable Buildings

Our mission is to provide the highest quality building solutions in the market today. At Safe Energy Resources we offer world-class design expertise in modular construction techniques that together with our products, materials and packaging enable customers realize their vision.

Our culturally-sensitive designs reflect the reality of daily living requirements but also allow for packaging and construction programs in line with the customer’s project planning and logistics capability.


Wind Turbines

Safe-energy resources have recently partnered up with industry authorities and now offers wind turbine solutions for Nigeria and its environs. Wind turbine technology today is at the forefront of renewable energy conventions worldwide and can be adopted in various regions of Nigeria today.

Safe- energy resources has gone to great lengths to ensure that qualitative services can be guaranteed for power generation in Nigeria.



Safe-Energy Resources Ltd has teamed up with his partners who have developed Micro and Industrial Hydrogen Reactors that can be integrated into Cars and Generators to maximize fuel efficiency by 45%. We have perfected plans to roll out our products, Micro Hydrogen Reactors for cars and small machine and the Industrial Hydrogen Reactors. Safe-Energy will carry out integration and implementation of the Hydrogen Reactors, and capacity building for our teaming populace to embrace this wonderful technology that is clean, cheap and environmentally friendly.


Training & Capacity Building

Safe-Energy Resources Ltd has invested heavily on human capacity development in recent times. Earlier last year, some of the company’s key personnel were sent to Malaysia to attend ISP organized training to obtain certification and proficiency on design and implementation of Off-grid and On-Grid solar systems. This will give our company an edge in the market, having been tutored by renowned authorities in the field of photovoltaic technology.